• An interview with Chacho & Brance following their appearance at TEDxSanAntonio: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/54160791
  • An interview with Chacho & Brance for El Noticiero de Alvarez Galloso @ http://alvarezgalloso.com/category/chacho-and-brance/
  •  “The duo goes from country-rock and gospel-folk to Delta, Chicago and Hill Country Blues with equal conviction, but it is the blues element that defines them. …one of the best local acts and arguably the best blues act in San Antonio” -Enrique Lopetegui – San Antonio Current
  • “…their mix of blues, country blues, and soul folk have the strength you would expect from guys who vibrate equally with Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, or Frank Zappa.” – Enrique Lopetegui – San Antonio Current
  • “…they douse their sound with the smokin’ flavors of the Mississippi Delta and Texas roadhouses.” – San Antonio Express-News
  • “Singer-songwriters Lorenzo “Chacho” Saldaña and Arnold Brance tap the delta blues, country, folk and Americana for an appealing style that landed them on the CW reality TV series “Troubadour, TX.” – San Antonio Express-News
  • “Duo Chacho and Brance’s blues tunes sound right as rain. Listen to Chacho and Brance for their foot-tapping blues rhythms, the stories their songs tell and the sincerity they pride themselves on. I want the listeners to say, these songs are as honest as they come, really, Chacho said.”   – Jessica Belasco – 210SA
  • “Chacho & Brance – no, they can’t represent you if you’ve been injured in an auto accident. But they just might sing for their supper and leave you smiling in the process.” – Hector Saldana – San Antonio Express-News